Water Tube Coil Type Steam Boilers

Water Tube Coil Type Steam Boiler

Water Tube Coil Type Steam Boiler

Oil/Gas Fired, 3 Pass, Water Tube Coil Type Steam Boiler is a reverse flue, three pass, water tube design steam boiler. It gives quick steam output within 4 minutes from cold start. The combustion chamber and the smoke passages are accurately designed, which ensures that combustion occurs perfectly. It does not require any qualified boiler attendant. It is ideal for small and medium sized plants, where average steam pressure (10 Bar) is required. Units can also be designed for higher pressures.

Salient Features of the RSB - Oil/Gas Fired, 3 Pass, Water Tube Coil Type Steam Boilers are

The RSB series is also available in horizontal designs, with options of imported burners. Complete skid mounted units can also be offered. The feed water tank, water softener and fuel tank are mounted on one skid.

Units are manufactured in non-1BR designs upto 800 kgs/hr and in IBR certified models of 1000 kgs/hr and above. We also offer coil type steam boilers up to capacities of 3TPH with working pressures up to 32 kg/cm2. Custom built designs can be offered for higher pressures.

Technical Data
ModelCapacity (kg/hr)
RSB 100100
RSB 200200
RSB 300300
RSB 400400
RSB 600600
RSB 800800
RSB 10001000
RSB 12001200
RSB 15001500

For all steam producing boilers, softened and treated feed water must be used to prevent deposition of hard salts on the inner heat transfer surfaces. This is specially important for once-through coil type designs, where small internal surface of boiler tubes get choked up quickly, causing boiler outage. Ion-exchange type simplex or duplex softeners and chemical dozers are offered by us as standard accessories to ensure regular supply of treated feed water & longer boiler availability.

Another aspect of coil type once-through boilers is feeding of excess water (15 to 20%), necessary to avoid super-heating of steam & to help remove sediments. The output steam therefore carries higher moisture levels. In applications where near dry steam is needed, it is necessary to install steam separators and steam traps in the steam supply lines. A host of accessories, such as feed water tanks, fuel of service tanks, heavy fuel oil ring mains, steam separators, steam pressure reducing stations are available to facilitate correct and cost effective boiler installation.
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