Thermal Oil Heated Steam Boilers

Thermal Oil Heated Steam Boilers

Thermal Oil Heated Steam Boilers

RTS - Thermal Oil Heated Steam Boilers are custom-built media heated steam boilers, idealy suited to utilize spare heating capacity of existing thermal oil heaters, to supply or augment plant steam. Being un-fired pressure vessels, these are silent, stationery boilers that are easy to operate and maintain.

Essentially, these are horizontal shell and tube type heat exchangers built to SIB or Class 1 IBR steam boiler codes, with the addition of feed water pump, three-way thermal oil pneumatic valve and related controls used in shell boilers. Due to large boiling water and steam storage capacity of the shell, steady dry steam generation is achieved. These are made as completely factory assembled packaged boilers that are ready to install and operate with minimum efforts. RTS steam boilers are easy to maintain and operate, as fuel burning hassles are absent.
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