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Oil Gas Fired Thermic Fluid Heaters

Oil or Gas Fired Thermic Fluid Heaters

Oil or Gas Fired Thermic Fluid Heaters

ALFA - Oil or Gas Fired Thermic Fluid Heaters are used for high performance elevated temperature Hot Oil Heaters for- process heating applications at low operating pressure. Designed with field- proven safety features, these heaters provide round the clock, trouble-free process heating in a wide variety of industrial application.

At high "temperature, water and steam requires a corresponding high operating pressure. Establishing this with water and steam can be very difficult and expensive.

In thermic fluid heaters a thermal oil is wed instead as the heat carrier operating at low pressure to deliver 300°C temperature. In comparison water and steam, would require a pressure of 85 bar to obtain this temperature.

The ALFA thermic fluid heaters are thermodynamically optimized and are characterized by high efficiency & excellent heat transfer to the thermic fluid. The combustion chambers are generously dimensioned & are sufficiently long. The flame can thus burn fully & the emission values remain very low for ail fuel types.

Salient Features of the ALFA - Oil/Gas Fired Thermic Fluid Heaters are

Advantages of using Thermic Fluid Heaters Over Steam Boilers

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